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Company: American Made Tarps
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American Made Dumpsters now offers tarp systems for up to 45′ with underbody spring assemblies for extra tension. Featuring Polished Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, durable one-piece Bullet Proof Aluminum or extreme HD Bullet Proof for longer trailers. Choose from Stationary Tarp Systems, Break-away Compactor Tarps, Roll-Off Container Tarps, Stage Tarp systems and more!

Quality Materials, Superior Manufacturing
Inferior materials cannot withstand the elements or prolonged use. This is why our dumpster tarps are made with heavy duty mesh, vinyl and canvas. The cross-tube pockets on our tarps come lined with 18 ounce vinyl for superior durability. Galvanized steel arms provide durability and strength for our electric and manual systems.

Professional Grade Tarping Systems for Trucks, Trailers, Dumpsters and More!
We know your job is tough and you deserve a product that works as hard as you do. That is why every product has been thoughtfully designed by professionals with years in the industry to serve a specific need.

Our commitment to delivering only the best products is why we choose thicker denier thread, smart and durable design features and never accept inferior materials. Each product is assembled by American laborers and put through rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure we deliver only the best products to you.

Discover the American Made Difference Today
Visit AmericanMadeDumpsters.com/Dumpster-Tarps to learn more and request your quote now. Our team will be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your budget and tarping needs.