Dunedin Celebrates National Waste & Recycling Workers Week!

Dunedin Celebrates National Waste & Recycling Workers Week! During the week of June 15th – June 19th wave to your garbage man or woman in celebration of National Waste & Recycling Workers Week!  The service workers in the Solid Waste and the Fleet Division play a vital role in keeping the City of Dunedin Delightful. Many of us never think twice about our garbage & recyclables once we throw it away, but as you can imagine, the world would be a trashy place without these workers. On a daily basis, the employees of the City’s Solid Waste & Recycling and Fleet Services divisions are “Keeping You and the Environment Safe”. Bill Pickrum, City of Dunedin Solid Waste Division Director says, “The daily efforts of our sanitation & mechanics team is essential to keep Dunedin safe, clean, and healthy for not only our residents but our visitors too.”

Join the City of Dunedin in showing your appreciation for your hard-working City workers, and the amazing job they do by leaving them notes/drawings on the garbage cans, email or call the Department, or even meet them at the curb to tell them Thank You for all their hard work!

Thank you card

Make a Thank You Card 

Make a homemade thank you card and tape it to your garbage cart during the week of June 15th – 19th, 2020. 
The crew will appreciate it!

Draw a picture of a garbage truck

Draw a Picture

Get creative! Kids can share the drawings they create of the garbage and recycling trucks that come by their house!
Parents can drop off drawings to the Solid Waste Office during hours of operation. 

Dunedin Solid Waste
1070 Virginia St, Dunedin, FL 34698
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Garbage truck for coloring book

Get Coloring with this Free Coloring Book

Appreciating our public servants starts young.
Download and print out the FREE Waste & Recycling Workers Week Coloring Book PDF for the kids to show their appreciation too!

Phone Call

Call or email to say, “Thank You”

Consider calling the office or writing an email with a word of thanks and appreciation for all the great work the drivers and crew do each week!

Dunedin Solid Waste
[email protected]

3 R's

Join the Recycling Effort

Let’s take some ownership of our garbage contributions.
Consider ways you can reduce, reuse, and correcting recycling the things being thrown in the garbage cart from your own home.