Dwight Schaubach – Bay Disposal & Recycling, Inc.

Dwight Schaubach 

Dwight Schaubach, Chairman and CEO of Bay Disposal & Recycling, Inc., started Feather-n-Fin, a chicken and seafood restaurant, in 1969. Having experienced difficulty in getting the restaurant trash collected, he launched Bay Disposal in 1975, which grew into one of the largest private hauling companies in Virginia before it was sold in 1989. Schaubach started the first medical waste treatment company in Virginia in 1985, helping to write the initial medical waste regulations for the state. Incendere, with one incinerator, ultimately grew to collecting medical waste from Florida to New York while tripling its incinerator capacity. Schaubach got back into the solid waste business with Area Container. He was also a partner of ECO Services of South Carolina. Early in 1996, Area Container, ECO, and Incendere were merged into Republic Industries. In 2000, Schaubach took advantage of the name Bay Disposal, which now includes two MRFs and a soon-to-be-opened recycling facility. Bay Disposal & Recycling is, once again, one of the largest, independently-owned, waste companies in Virginia. He also owns a significant portion of a 64-acre construction and demolition landfill in Virginia Beach. Schaubach has served as president of both the Detachable Container Association and NSWMA’s Virginia Waste Industries Association. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011 by Old Dominion University. In addition, he has generously supported, with both his time and resources, numerous civic and charitable organizations over the years.