Garbage Man Proves Al Gore Wrong: Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

Garbage Man Proves Al Gore Wrong:
Global Warming Or Global Cooling?

It is now several months into 2014 and what has become of the North Pole? Surely it is all slush and water by now, right? According to John D. Arwood, President of Arwood Waste, “Not only is there still ice at the North Pole there is actually about 50% more ice than there was 5 years ago. Unfounded sensational claims and predictions by high profile figures like Al Gore do much more to harm our environment than to help. They confuse and distract the public from the real ways they can have a positive impact on the environment.” As we recover in the aftermath of the ‘Polar Vortex’ the average person should find it difficult to make sense of global warming claims while they live through the effects of what appears more like global cooling… Read the Whole Article


Mr. Squirrel wants to say “Happy Earth Day!”

Waste and Recycling Workers Week supports Earth Day

Let’s do our part and contribute to the global effort to make our world more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We believe that our children and the generations to come deserve to live in a healthy world.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

  • Save up your plastic bottles and empty cardboard boxes and take a trip to the recycling center. It’s fun to watch, and very fascinating.
  • Find a local nature trail and pack a picnic. Not only will you benefit from the fresh air and great exercise, but you also get the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature. (While you’re at it, why not feed Mr. Squirrel a few extra nuts?)
  • What would Earth Day be without planting a tree? Planting trees, flowers, and herbs around your home helps to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases naturally.


Photo: Audrey via flickr

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