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Cleaner, Drier, Air

Preventing freeze-ups, clogging and corrosion The Expello Air Products Air Dryer system helps prevent brake line freeze-ups, clogging, deterioration and corrosion in an air brake system. It removes oil, carbon, dirt, sludge, and gets the water out! These air dryers are both a filtering and coalescing system. They remove 100% of solids larger than 1 micron in size and 99.9% of all compressor “blow by” oil.

Electronic Drain Valves

The Expello Air Products Automatic Drain Valve eliminates moisture in compressed air systems. The valve replaces the manual drain petcock on any air tank within a vehicle’s compressed air system, whether the tank is on a vehicle or trailer. The Expello valve purges water, dirt and oil from the air system in a quick, 1-second burst, every 5 minutes of vehicle on time. That means clean, dry air and an end to frozen air brakes.

Expello Air Products | Waste and Recycling Workers Week SponsorBenefits:

  • Cleaner, Drier Air
  • Eliminate frozen air brakes
  • Increase Uptime
  • Air Brake System Component Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Straight Through Design (Valve Does Not Collect Moisture and Debris)



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