FCC Environmental Services Honors Palm Coast Employees

FCC is a global industry leader since the 1900s

We apply our know-how, consolidated experience and a large portfolio of references. In addition, we have a strongly implemented corporate responsibility policy, which stems from senior management, and which is based on supporting the local communities where we operate. Today, FCC is one of the world’s largest waste management and recycling companies with a presence in over 35 countries. FCC’s more than 60,000 employees worldwide interact with citizens on a daily basis and focus on constantly increasing sustainability. Together, we will create socially-integrated communities.

At FCC we are aware that exceptional services can only be provided by the most qualified industry experts in the fields of engineering environmental waste management services. Our priority is still centered on exceeding customer’s expectations and we are committed to fulfilling their requirements with the guarantee of quality, safety and professionalism that sets us apart. Our main objective is based on performance excellence and customer satisfaction, achieved by providing special attention and ongoing dedication to our customers.

The company operates in over 5,000 municipalities across the world where it improves the well-being of over 60 million citizens. We’ve been operating since the 1900s, which is reflected in the diversity of services it provides: collection, treatment, recycling, energy recovery and disposal of solid urban waste, street cleaning, sewer network maintenance, ground maintenance and preservation of green spaces, polluted soils recovery and comprehensive management of industrial waste.