First Responders, Athens Services Is Helping Fight The Spread Of COVID-19 – Thank You!

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During this time, “essential personnel” brings to mind doctors, nurses, and first responders. But there are other frontline workers who are directly fighting the spread of COVID-19: solid waste collection drivers and waste processing employees. These employees play a critical role in ensuring our communities stay clean as they move from house-to-house to collect waste and recycling or dispose of waste products. In light of that, here are a few steps you can do to help protect Athens essential personnel: 1. Bag all landfill trash – by bagging your trash, especially used items like tissues, you are limiting the potential for exposure to viruses and bacteria. 2. Keep all recycling clean and loose – when recycling is loose, it is easier to handle on the sorting line. 3. No liquids left behind – empty all liquids from bottles/cans before disposing of. Liquids can carry viruses and bacteria that can splash on drivers when the cart is emptied. 4. Wipe/disinfect cart handles and lids – these are the two main touchpoints on a container for our drivers, and wiping them down with disinfectant/soapy water reduces the risk of shared contact areas. Together we can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities clean, safe, and healthy. hashtagAthensServices hashtagTheAthensWay