Flooring Contractors are Sanitation Workers too

Flooring installation specialists are jacks of all trades. Yes, they handle recycle and construction waste everyday during remodel projects.


From carpets to tile work, hardwood flooring to linoleum they are trained to work with multiple mediums that require accuracy, skill, and…recycling? That’s right recycling, floor installers are garbage men too. A lot of hard work goes into laying the things that we walk on everyday at home; did you know that most of those products are recycled? Flooring specialists help businesses and homeowners alike pick the product that best suits their needs and most of the time you would never know that the carpet tiles you picked are new carpeting tiles manufactured by grinding up used vinyl and nylon carpeting. In some brands, the companies and installers save materials from other job sites that would otherwise be landfilled. Remember on an average remodel their is just as much waste from the demo and their is of the new product they are installing.

Nearly everything flooring installation specialist pull out of buildings at work gets recycled. Wood flooring becomes reclaimed and salvaged wood which are often turned into accent pieces, artistic furniture, or even refinished and gives a rustic motif to a dull space. All of these pieces are saved and recycled by the installers and reused whereas they would otherwise have been incinerated. You would not think it but even the tiles that installers use are often recycled. Either the tile is turned into gravel or if it is salvageable it can even be collected and be used to create mosaic pieces and a multitude of other aesthetically pleasing projects. So the next time you walk into your home, stop, look down at the floor, and  just think about the fact that the person that installed that is not only someone who laid the carpet down but also a specialist at recycling.