Fred Van Arsdale – “My husband was loyal to a fault”

Fred Van Arsdale

Fred Van Arsdale began working for Heil Environmental Industries in 1979 first as the Transfer Station Production Manager, then as the National Accounts Manager. In 1998, he moved on to work for McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. as the Republic Services, Inc. National Accounts Representative, a job he held until his death in June 2006. At Heil, Van Arsdale expanded the sales focus from municipal customers to rapidly growing private companies — USA Waste, Waste Management, and Allied Waste Industries. He helped develop the half-pack front- loader and engineer and bring to market a turnkey system for transfer stations. He was an innovator of safety features on trucks, a mentor to young colleagues just learning the ropes, always followed through with commitments, and was well-respected and widely recognized in the industry. Van Arsdale was a supporter of youth sports and a center serving disabled adults. Jim Johnson, President, Autocar, LLC, said, “Fred Van Arsdale sold his products the old fashioned way. While others were worried about building a book of business, Fred focused on building relations. He understood that a relationship built on honesty and trust was just as important as the quality of the equipment he sold.” Jerry Wickett, Vice President, Purchasing and Maintenance, Republic Services, Inc., noted, “One of Fred’s strongest attributes as a salesman was that he represented the customer well back at his company.” “My husband was loyal to a fault,” said Marilyn Van Arsdale.