Garbage man delivers the unexpected for Maryville toddler

Every Tuesday Jackson Valentine waits as patiently as a two-year-old can for the garbage truck.

“If we’re inside he can hear him coming down the street before I can hear him and he starts yelling for him,” said Hickman.

It’s a simple thing. Most toddlers get excited about a giant truck that makes a special stop in front of their house.

“He always likes to wave at him and Mike waves back and blows the horn,” said Andrea Valentine, Jackson’s mom.

The thing that makes this stop so special is its simplicity.

One special Tuesday, the driver, Michael Alexander, took a few extra minutes to let the boy explore the truck. It was an extra five minutes to make someone’s day. An extra five minutes that turned a stranger into a friend by letting a little boy explore the truck he waits for every Tuesday.

“Every Tuesday I look forward to coming by. He’s always waving and just makes my day to get to see him,” said Alexander. “I just do my best to be kind to others, like I want to be treated.”

Jackson might not understand quite yet that he’s waiting for more than just the garbage truck.

“You don’t see a lot of positive things anymore, so it’s just nice to see that there are genuine people out there who will do that, who will stop and take five minutes out of their day just to make somebody happy,” said Andrea.

Every Tuesday, Jackson waits patiently for a small act of kindness. The kind that’s worth the wait.