Garbage Man, Jimmy James shows the true meaning of Christmas

Garbage Man, Jimmy James shows the true meaning of Christmas

While Jimmy James was making his usual rounds as a garbage man in suburban Colorado, he saw an unused gift card land in a heap of used gift wrap on Christmas morning. After noticing that the card looked unused, James handed it off to his coworker to check the balance, and see if there was any money left.

“I had to stay on the back throwing trash and we kept working. I had him call it and check it and he told me what was on it,” said Jimmy.

“There was $50, so I had him put it in my wallet for me and then when we got off work that day I went by Jason’s house.”

When he returned to the home of Jason Edwards later that day with the gift card, the Edwards family was in disbelief, thinking they had lost their gift card, and shocked that James would come out on his own time to help them.

“It was kind of a shocker to me for sure. I called my wife and told her, you’re never going to believe this guy, he just returned this card. It’s not a lot of money it’s just basically a simple principal that someone would take their time out to do something like that. It’s pretty cool,” Jason said.

While Jimmy was being interviewed for a story on his good deed, the Edwards family decided to return the favor, in the form of an envelope with $75 cash.

“They don’t know how much that helps. I don’t even know what to say. Christmas time, you know, you’re lucky to get a $10 tip, let alone, wow man, I’m touched,” James said.

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