Garbage Workers Recognized In Lansing

Lansing Chamber

Each week, most of us probably put our trash out at the street and then forget about it completely. Someone picks up our trash, week after week, no matter how heavy or cumbersome or smelly it is. It’s our garbage men and women, and they serve a critical role in our communities.

“At Granger, we’re all garbage men and garbage women. Whether an associate is driving a truck, processing payables, fixing equipment, baling recyclables or creating energy from trash, they are performing a critical function for our company,” said CEO, Keith Granger.

Next week, Granger will be taking a special opportunity to recognize and celebrate our hardworking associates. The culmination of this weeklong celebration will be June 17, Waste and Recycling Workers Week. This day of recognition is part of a national campaign to celebrate the men and women who help to keep our communities clean.

We are asking the community to join in on the celebration. The following are five things you can do to help us celebrate:

  1. Visit our website and Facebook page to learn more about the many people who are the garbage men and women of Granger
  2. Share your kudos or favorite story about your garbage man or woman with us on Facebook
  3. Give a simple wave and thank you as they pass by
  4. Offer a thank you note or a cold bottle of water
  5. Educate your family about the importance of safety around garbage trucks in your neighborhood


About Granger

Granger employs more than 280 garbage men and women working in different capacities to collect tomorrow’s energy. A Christian, family-owned company headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, Granger provides waste hauling, disposal and recycling services and produces renewable energy from landfill gas. Visit to learn more.