Garry E. Mosier – Republic Services, Inc.

Garry E. Mosier

For decades, Garry Mosier has pioneered and advanced safety in our industry. Whether he is serving on national standards and steering committees in his work at continuous improvement of safety systems and technologies, or building world-class safety programs and cultures at leading waste companies, his focus on continuous improvement is legendary. Many may know Garry for the “Garbage Gus” campaign targeting child safety. As Garry says, if one child was kept safe thanks to Garbage Gus, all the effort was worth it. For 24 years, Garry was a regional group safety director for Waste Management, Inc., until he took on the challenge of building the safety program at Republic Services, Inc. for 12 years. He is now Vice President of Operations for Alliance Wireless Technologies, a leader in vehicle electronic safety technology. His commitment to innovation and advancement of our industry is reflected not only by his career accomplishments, but also in his ongoing work in developing the patented technologies for Alliance Wireless’ 3rd Eye Cam driver enhancement technology.