Honoring Our Unsung Heroes: Waste Workers

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits.
Do you ever stop and think about your garbage, beyond taking your trash bins to the curb? Thanks to the hard-working men and women of the waste and recycling industry, you probably don’t have to give your garbage and recycling much thought.
We want to highlight the often-unsung heroes who significantly enrich our everyday lives – our waste workers. The nature of waste management work requires consistent attention and relentless effort, through sunny days and natural disasters. We’ve all seen our waste and recycling workers hard at work day in and day out, ensuring our communities remain clean and our lives continue with normalcy. Despite the physical nature of their job and the potential hazards they encounter, these waste professionals perform their duties with great determination and responsibility.
To honor these dedicated workers, we’ve started Waste and Recycling Workers Week. During the week of June 17-21, we hope you’ll take a minute to thank the women and men who work daily to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean! From writing a simple note to requesting a proclamation from your local government, there are many ways you can say a heartfelt “thank you!” Check out our website for more ideas!
You can also make a donation to WRWW to support waste and recycling workers in your community.
Thank you for helping us honor the dedicated men and women in the waste and recycling industries!
Best regards,
Steve Goode
Executive Director
Waste & Recycling Workers Week