How to Throw a Fun Garbage Truck Party at Home

This garbage truck’s dumping in for a fun, trash-themed party kids will never forget! No dumpster diving involved, we promise.😉
Better get your little one ready, things are about to get a little messy in here! Parents, let’s face it. There’s something about garbage trucks that get kids running to the door every time they’re nearby. To your little toddler… its bright colors, humongous wheels and snazzy sounds is almost too exciting to pass.  With your child turning a year older, why not play with this idea and spread the birthday cheer?🥳
Now we know how hard it must be for you to plan the perfect kiddie trash bash this quarantine. So today, we’re going to share with you how to pull off this unique concept at home, while making it super easy and special. All those cool, tiny details perfect for the little garbage men and women in your life.

1. Start with an invitation that gets wheels turning

Garbage Truck Invitation

Invitations set the fun factor for any birthday bash. It gets kids excited and makes people feel like they’re part of something really special. Make sure your invitation matches the vibe of your party theme.🗑️ You can incorporate different elements like brightly-colored dump trucks, recycling bins or even icky green slime.
Parent pick: This Garbage Truck Party Invitation is easy and budget-friendly, so you don’t have to do all the designing.

 2. Go crazy with your trash bash decor

Trash Bash Party

Do you have empty bottles🧴 and big boxes📦 lying around? You can recycle and DIY those into centerpieces. Empty bottles, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, colored paper… just take it from Kara. The beauty of this themed birthday party is that you can make use of the resources you already have in your home.

Remember the old magazines and newspapers piling up in your attic?😜 Now is definitely the time to turn them into party buntings and tablecovers, just like this biodegradable trash bag.

Garbage Truck Banner

Looking for something fuss-free? Check out this Garbage Truck Banner, all decked in green stripes, trash bins and colorful balloons. 

Trash Bash Party Sign

For busy moms and dads who want to dump some excitement into their boring white walls, try adding a personalized Trash Bash Sign to your door. 

Garbage Truck Birthday Backdrop

If that’s not enough, consider getting a personalised Garbage Truck Backdrop. Your truck-loving kid will surely love all the cool and personalized details.

3. Wear DIY party hats in true trash bash fashion

Trash Bash DIY Hats

I think we can all agree on one thing: birthdays look so much cooler with party hats!🥳 If you have empty brown bags and newspapers lying around, let the young ones design their own party hats.✂️ Pom-poms and washi tapes are optional.

Garbage Truck Party Hats

Even better, print and cut out these Garbage Truck Party Hats! They’ll save you a lot of time and money, while adding more fun to your fête.😁

4. Put together a scrap of yummy, “trashy” treats

Garbage Truck Party Food

So, instead of typically serving party food on a plate… why not try putting them on paper cups? Think rotten veggies and potatoes (veggie sticks and fries), wormy cakes (recipe here) and filthy fruits (apples ‘n peaches) in makeshift bins.🍎🥦🍰 If you’re serving spaghetti or mac ‘n cheese, you can place it in green plastic plates. Not only does it match the vibe of your trash bash party, but also makes it easier for kids (and parents) to serve themselves. That’s some kid independence right there!😎

Garbage Truck Food Labels
Add a fresh spin to your food decor by giving them Garbage Truck themed food labels and Garbage Bins cup wrappers that make it look like real “garbage” bins.🗑️

Garbage Truck Bottle Wrappers

How about sip of some junkyard juice in Garbage Truck bottle wrappers to go with those scrumptious treats?

5. Top off with an awesome garbage truck cake

Garbage Truck Birthday Cake

Chocolate? Funfetti? Red velvet?🤩 It’s not a trash bash party without a garbage truck-themed cake. Cop this great idea from twitter mom @joddieapplekay. Transform ordinary cakes into something special by adding a toy truck on top of it and then sprinkling nuts, rice krispies and chocolates to seal the deal.😋 If your child has a sweet tooth, feel free to add gummy worms and crushed oreos!

Garbage Truck Cake Topper

No time to decorate your cake?🤷 Try using cake toppers, it’s a great way to add some personal style to your kid’s special cake. This Garbage Truck Cake Topper is sure to transform any cake into the star of the party!

Garbage Truck Cupcake Toppers

Does you child have a flair for all things cupcake? Let kids dress up their favorite pastry with these Garbage Truck Cupcake Toppers

6. Get guests to (playfully) throw their presents into this gift dumpster

Garbage Gift Dump DIY

Moms, do you need a crafty place to store your kid’s presents? This huge galvanized tin waste bin does the trick. But if you’re feeling kind of resourceful, a good ‘ole garden wheel barrow or basket works just as well.

Dumpster Diving Game

Kids will spend hours of fun looking for treasures with this dumpster diving game.🏊 All you need are the following: an inflatable pool (like the ones you used last summer), used paper bags, empty bottles and old cereal boxes. Just fill your swimming pool with your “trash” (make sure to sanitize it first) and scatter various prizes along it. Little boys and girls can use trash grabbers to look for these trinkets under the dump. Easy right?🙌

Tin Can Game

You can also have them knocking down a bunch of tin cans to win little trinkets. These fast, fun and low-cost party games are sure to keep young guests entertained. We recommend checking out these selection of toys for your party prizes:

Garbage Truck Photobooth
Garbage Truck Photobooth

Take the trash bash fun up a notch with a personalised Garbage Truck photobooth that your boy and their truck-loving friends will swoon over.

8. Let guests take out the trash when the party’s over

Trash Bag Party Favors

Don’t leave your guests empty-handed! Let kids take the “good trash” with them as they leave. They’ll love little keepsakes like toys, candy, stickers or even coloring books.

Garbage Truck Party Favors 
DIY souvenirs are always fun to put together. You can use left-over black bags as wrapping paper. Print out these Garbage Truck Party Favor Tags and you’re good to go!

Your personalized printables to upgrade any party

Garbage Truck Party Printable Kit
Planning your little one’s Garbage Truck Party doesn’t have to be that complicated. Although kiddie parties might be a tad bit challenging to do now, you can still make it fun and memorable for your kids!
If you can’t drop by the mall to get your party essentials ticked off, you might want to take a look at our Garbage Truck Birthday Party Kit. It has everything you need to design the perfect party—from banners and invitations to party hats and decorative tags. This makes party planning more safe, convenient and fuss-free for mommies and daddies. All you have to do is download, print and cut!✂️

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