Impact Plastics | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Impact Plastics - Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Innovative Solutions for the Waste Industry

Impact Plastics has been an industry leader in providing superior quality, environmentally friendly solutions for the waste industry since 1999. Focusing on supplying long lasting lids and parts with exceptional customer service, Impact Plastics guarantees unsurpassed quality, reliability and performance in the field. And they continue to launch new generations of products to match the needs of their valued customers. Products include: Dumpster lids, casters, dumpster parts, roll off parts and more! Click one of the links to their website to learn more about Impact Plastics!

Serving Customers with Integrity & Dedication

Impact Plastics Corporation believes that the only reason they exist is because of their customers. While who they are is important, it is what they are that drives their enthusiasm, innovation and relationships with their customers. Their team collectively brings many years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies; in sales, marketing, engineering, construction, customer service and materials management. No matter how large or small the task, it is with integrity and dedication that they continue to meet and exceed their customers’ needs and to provide superior customer support.

Impact Plastics - Waste and Recycling Workers Week SponsorOffering Exceptional Products & Accessories

  • Dumpster Lids
  • Casters, Wheels & Caster Parts
  • Dumpster Parts & Accessories
  • Dumpster Bottoms
  • Dumpster Locks
  • Roll-Off Cover & Parts
  • Compactor Cover & Parts
  • Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories
  • and more!


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  1. I have a customer that is interested in buying a roll back cover for either a 30 or 40 yard hopper. he says he just needs the plastic tops and will use a ratchet strap to hold it down. Is this doable, or do we have to get all the hardware to make it roll back?


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