In Loving Memory of Gonzalo Trevino Sr. of Winnebago Landfill Company


Gonzalo Trevino Sr.

Company: Winnebago Landfill Company

Years of Service: 5+

Comments: On April 28, 2016 the sanitation community lost a wonderful man, Gonzalo Trevino, 54 passed away while doing the job he loved so much. Everyone on his garbage route loved him and were always kind towards him. He loved his family and especially his wife and soulmate, as well as his 6 children. “Gonzo” was described as a hard worker and always takes on the responsibilities of other as well as his own. On site he was nicknamed “Superman” because of all that he would take on and pour his heart into. Rest in Peace and you will be missed.

We will not forget you, Gonzalo Trevino Sr..

Together, let’s honor the memory of the men and women who have served by our side. Whether on the garbage trucks, delivering portable sanitation units, or working in the offices and repair shops, the employees of our industry serve important roles and are very special people. As we remember this fallen hero of the waste industry, we join with their family and co-workers to honor their service.