In Loving Memory of John R "Jack" Coleman of Haverford College


John R “Jack” Coleman

Company: Haverford College

Years of Service: 50+

Comments: Mr. Coleman was a well educated man. Former president of Haverford College he decided to step out of the limelight and take a new perspective on life. After his revelations and continued studies of politics and world issues, Coleman realized that he like so many before him began to take himself very seriously and began to forget the meaning of the little things in life. Mr. Coleman, best known as Jack, did time as a trash hauler/garbage man in College Park, MD incognito during his term as president of Haverford College. Working in that industry gave what once was an Ivory Tower resident the feeling of what it was like to be a blue-collar worker. Mr. Coleman learned a great deal while sweeping the streets that would echo in his legacy. Mr Coleman later presided over one of the first civil unions in the state of Vermont and set milestones for blue-collar workers everywhere. Thanks to Jack labor of all sorts has an inherent dignity that must be recognized, honored and rewarded.

We will not forget you, John R “Jack” Coleman.

Together, let’s honor the memory of the men and women who have served by our side. Whether on the garbage trucks, delivering portable sanitation units, or working in the offices and repair shops, the employees of our industry serve important roles and are very special people. As we remember this fallen hero of the waste industry, we join with their family and co-workers to honor their service.