In Loving Memory of Todd B. Rumpke of Rumpke Waste & Recycling


Todd B. Rumpke

Company: Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Years of Service: Multiple

Comments: Todd B. Rumpke, 53, was the regional vice president at Rumpke Waste & Recycling. From the time his was little boy, Todd adored all things Rumpke. He spent his entire life working for the business, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. He started at the bottom as a general laborer and Rumpke Park and ultimately became the regional vice president based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Todd will be remembered by his friends and family as “fun” and “fearless”. Family says “his personality and sense of adventure was endearing to many. He lived life to the fullest and inspired others to do the same.” Our condolences to the entire Rumpke family after Todd’s long battle with illness.

We will not forget you, Todd B. Rumpke.

Together, let’s honor the memory of the men and women who have served by our side. Whether on the garbage trucks, delivering portable sanitation units, or working in the offices and repair shops, the employees of our industry serve important roles and are very special people. As we remember this fallen hero of the waste industry, we join with their family and co-workers to honor their service.