In Loving Memory of Tom J. Fatjo of BFI

Tom J. Fatjo

Company: BFI

Years of Service: 40

Comments: Tom J. Fatjo, Jr., beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend passed away peacefully to be with his Lord and Savior on Thursday, the 24th of January 2019. Tom was a true visionary. He was born the 25th of September 1940 and raised in Richmond, Texas by his loving parents Tom J. Fatjo, Sr. and Doris Cooper Fatjo. Early experiences at his father's various enterprises led him to a lifetime of entrepreneurship having a lasting impact on countless lives.
Tom was the ultimate optimist and believed there was nothing that could not be accomplished. His charismatic personality and positive attitude became a foundation for his ability to attract, develop and lead his business partners. His honesty and integrity were hallmarks of who he was.

We will not forget you, Tom J. Fatjo.

Together, let’s honor the memory of the men and women who have served by our side. Whether on the garbage trucks, delivering portable sanitation units, or working in the offices and repair shops, the employees of our industry serve important roles and are very special people. As we remember this fallen hero of the waste industry, we join with their family and co-workers to honor their service.