The Garbage Man

A Garbage man is a rare breed of people, viewed one way to their family and another to the public, Hardworking Hero and Slob.

Misconceived perspectives on what they do, viewed but rarely seen. Never appreciated, but always scrutinized about the “occupation” they perform. What they really see is when the job isn’t done, or not done to another’s standard.

Buried under the rubbish is the fact: These people are among the lowest on the pay scale, and yet the stress level is above average and the death rate is one of the highest. Who would continue to work with that condition?

What is a garbage man made of? They, the men and women, are the most needed and unappreciated people. They are a strangely nameless creature who is the “head of the “Household” to their family and “Dirty” to public.

They must be able to swiftly do their job on a deadline and does not go home until his route is complete.

But…If the garbage man is neat with their duties, they goes without thanks; if they careless, they are incompetent. If they are pleasant, their considered a creeper; if not, then their  incompetent.

They must make an instant decision with each stop and ensure productivity and safety.

But…If they hurry, their inconsiderate; if their slow, their lazy. They must be first to rise in the morning and check their vehicle for safety and the well-being of their crew. They must be able to complete an exponential amount of work in a hazardous  condensed amount of time, and be effective at it. They must be cautious or their work. Or expect to be scrutinized or even sued.

The garbage man must know every aspect of their route; know how to work well under deadlines and pressure, and complete everything expected of them. They must be able to make every stop on the route, complete the job expeditiously and return the containers gently or face being called “Inconsiderate”. If you haven’t prepared for the night before, somehow it is their fault.

A garbage man must be experience in their playing field, and knowledgeable of the route.

A garbage man must, from each and every stop, be able to hit every container, lift unmeasurable amounts of content, not leave anything behind, and replace the container exactly where it was. All of this at each stops, every time, without fail.

But…If they perform a flawless job, their lucky; if they don’t , their a dunce. The garbage man never truly gets noticed unless they don’t achieve all of their duties. A thankless job, that everyone needs, but few do.

The garbage man must be a jack of all trades, capable of mustering the strength to get up every morning, do a routine of monotony, and not get appreciated for it.

And, of course, they have to be intelligent….For they will have to feed a family on a garbage man salary.