John M. Curotto – The Curotto Can Company

John Curotto
John M. Curotto

With 31 years in service to the waste industry, John Curotto is now president of The Curotto Can Company in Sonoma, California. As a fourth-generation waste hauler now leading his family business John will tell you it’s easy to get sidetracked on neat engineering, or employee engagement—or any of the myriad distractions in business—but that the folks at The Curotto Can are focused on making a product to exceed customers’ expectations. Working alongside his father, John Senior, John was instrumental in developing his company into the nation’s largest single automation collection system, resulting in increased efficiency and worker safety and reduced contamination for a cleaner product. He has been a leader both in service and innovation. John was instrumental in the industry’s adoption of the Automated Front Loader. Additionally, John has offered his service to the National Waste & Recycling Association Future Industry Leaders Alliance, the National Waste and Recycling Supplier Advisory Board, DCA, CRRC and EREF. He has also served in leadership positions with the WASTEC Strategic Planning Committee and the National Waste & Recycling Association Suppliers Advisory Board