June 17th is Waste and Recycling Workers Week and eHow.com recommends Gifts for the Garbage Men and Women in your Neighbor-hood


 June 17th is Waste and Recycling Workers Week and eHow.com recommends Gifts for the Garbage Men and Women in your Neighbor-hood

eHow.com recommends Gifts for Garbage Men and Women on June 17th

Garbage collecting is a strenuous job, and garbage men don’t often see the people they serve and rarely get thanked. If you’re giving a gift to the workers who collect your trash, hand it directly to them during their regular pick-up or ask a neighbor to do it. For a friend or family member who is a garbage man, listen to his complaints at the end of the day about any aches or pains he has and look for a gift that will help him feel Better.

By Kathryn Walsh, eHow Contributor

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Recycled Gifts

  • Recycling is great, but don’t give your favorite garbage man one of your old unwanted gifts and call it recycling. You can, however, find gifts made out of found objects, recycled materials and even salvaged trash. Shop at a local eco-friendly gift shop or search online for companies that specialize in re-purposing objects that some would consider trash. For instance, Eco-artware.com sells bottle openers made from old bicycle chains and coasters made from computer motherboards. These gifts are cool, kind to the universe and give a nod to the garbage man’s noble profession.


  • At the holiday season, a tip is an appropriate gift to give the person who collects your trash. You have to tip everyone in the crew, including the driver. Good Housekeeping magazine suggests giving $10 to $20 to each worker, although you can give more if the crew has done an especially good job that year. Write a note of thanks for all their hard work and tuck the cash inside. Be specific, like “You always do a thorough job, and I appreciate how you always stand the cans back up!” They’ll appreciate the cash and feel proud of a job well done.

On June 17th, we want to show our appreciation for our Garbage Providers! Let’s face it, the world would be a disgusting place without the garbage man! We want to Thank You for what you do for us!

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