Kittens saved by Waste Industry driver, Joseph Anderson

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — They say cats have nine lives. But five kittens almost lost their lives in a landfill in Brunswick county. It could’ve been the end of the road for them. However, Waste Industry driver, Joseph Anderson, heard something unusual.

Kittens stick together

“We heard kittens meowing and we end up seeing five of them and one was trapped,” Anderson says.

Jax, Ernest, Cozmo Gucci and Simba were under about two tons of trash. Anderson’s daughter, who works with Safe Haven 4 Cats, and his wife, took them to VCA Seaside Hospital in Calabash. Simba has the most and worst injuries.

“His paw was stuck between a pile of wood. We had to lift the pile of wood and then I had to stick my hand in their and un-wedge him. We got him out and we also found out that his left paw was crushed,” Anderson says.

Doctor Eliza Roland says the kittens were slightly dehydrated and malnourished. Roland hopes they will be able to fix Simba’s paw in the future. But if not, they may have to cut off his leg.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to just go in and make a very cosmetic correction on some of the broken toes. And he’ll essentially have a normal paw and be able to function normally with that leg,” Roland says.

It’s been a family effort helping these kittens. Anderson also hopes more people will do their part to help any animal.

“When you find animals in that situation, there’s nothing you can do but help. I wish everybody else would do that or more people would do that,” Anderson says.