Lawn Care Professionals are Sanitation Workers too

Think about it, Lawn Care Professionals are Sanitation Workers too…..

The most common duty you think of when you see someone landscaping your local park and highways is mowing, weeding, perhaps even planting shrubs and flowers. At first glance that is all you may think of when it comes to lawn care professionals; in reality they are garbage men too.  This labor intensive job requires first, the grounds to be clear of trash and debris left behind by the passerby. Those soda cans and scraps of paper thrown out the window of cars from people who are too busy to dispose of them at their next stop are not going to simply disappear. Often times you see landscapers picking up trash alongside the highway cleaning up someone else’s trash before they can even start the duties they were hired for.  Individuals in this profession actually do more in terms of recycling than the average household.

Where these garbage men really shine is what comes after they finish their initial jobs. There is nothing more picture perfect than the appearance of a lawn that is freshly bagged and mulched. The truth is most of the byproduct of lawn service care providers are hauled to local recycling facilities where it can make compost and even be fermented into a high value livestock feed. Surprisingly, 15% of lawn trimmings alone are recycled back into mulch; while 12% of American don’t recycle at all because it “takes too much effort” to do it. So those in the lawn car profession, just by doing their job are already doing more than most. They are not only garbage men, but also recycling heros.


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