Leach Garbage Truck History

Leach Garbage Getter
Leachs first refuse body was the Garbage Getter built from 1932 to 1949.
The refuse was loaded into the rear hopper and the hopper is raised over the body and emptied into the body.
This Garbage Getter was restored by Leach as a promotion.

Leach Packmaster      
Leach introduced the Packmaster in 1950. Early models of the Packmaster tipped like a tipper body until an ejector plact was introduced.
Above is an 1984 model.
Leach Packmaster 2-R

Leach introduced the 2-R in 1959 and was made until 1985. The leach Packmaster 2-R was the first compactor to have the slide sweep packing plate cycle invented by Cyril R Gollnick of Leach USA.
His invention revolutioned the waste compactor industry and was copied by most compactor truck companies.
The leach was tested in the 1960s by the inventer to show its strenght. It was capable of crushing an entire Volkswagen Beetle car into the body!
The 2-R has the biggest hopper capacity of any other compactor at 3.5 cy. The body capacity is 25cy. A 31cy body was also available shown below.
It was also available with a hydraulic jib for tipping skips into the hopper.

Leach Packmaster 2-R 31cy compactor converted to a trailer
Leach Packmaster 2-RII

The Packmaster 2-RII was the next model after the 2-R. Introduced in 1986 it retained the 2-Rs legendary rear hopper and packing plates but was given a new body.
Leach Packmaster 2-RIII