Let the Week-Long Celebration Begin…Waste and Recycling Workers Week 2022 is Here!

Waste and Recycling Workers Week
All year, the men and women of the waste management industry are hard at work collecting, processing, filtering, and recycling over 250 million tons of garbage. They do this to keep our environment clean and our communities safe. The week of June 13 through 18th is our time to come together and collectively show our appreciation.

Why do we celebrate all week?

We encourage the week-long celebration so everyone can show their appreciation on the specific day of their garbage collection service. If it were up to us every day would be Waste and Recycling Workers Week, but until that catches on we’ll stick with our week of sanitation appreciation.

Get Involved

We have several ideas to help spark your own creative way to show your appreciation. From handwritten notes to delivering baked goodies or a simple phone call, there are tons of great ways to say “Thank You”. You can also order a Waste and Recycling Workers Week T-Shirt or downloadable Thank You Cards to show your support!

Update Your Profile

Share your appreciation on social media. Download the Waste and Recycling Workers Week logo and use it as your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Encourage your friends to do the same and help spread the word that this is the week we celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week.

Let us know how you celebrate!

We would love to know how you choose to celebrate the garbage workers in your life. Please leave us a comment or “Like” us on Facebook and leave us a message there. Your celebration this year may give someone else an idea for how to show their support in the future.

Thank you for joining us in this week of appreciation!

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