Little Girl gives a gift to her local garbage man by providing him with Christmas cookies!

Check out this amazing video! This little angel gives a gift to her local garbage man by providing him with Christmas cookies. –Lets spread the Christmas cheer the season by supporting your garbage man by sharing this video clip through all your social networks–

3 Ways to Appreciate Your Garbage Man During the Holidays

The Holidays are a busy time for everyone and it can be easy to overlook those who serve us year round.

Always prepared, consistently there, in heat or snow, your Garbage Workers makes it their job (literally) to dispose of your disposables. Why not show your appreciation to them this season?


1. Give a Gift Card.

Give the gift of a warm drink this year. Perhaps your garbage collector would love to warm up with a hot cup of coffee from your local coffee shop.

2. Sing a Song.

Can’t get that carol out of your mind? Grab a couple of friends and head down to the city sanitation department. Serenade the men and women faithfully working to brighten their day.

3. Just say “Thanks!”

Short on cash? Not musically inclined? No worries! Your garbage man will appreciate your simple “thank you” in person or with a card.

Happy Holidays from Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Look out for more ways to show appreciation for your Garbage Men and Women during the week of June 17th when we once again celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week.

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