Little Jack Poulin, Chris is Jack’s Superhero on the back of the Rumpkee Garbage Truck

MILFORD, Ohio (Adam Clements) — Every Wednesday morning, between 6:15 and 6:30, two things are certain

— the Rumpke garbage man will make his usual stop on Woodville Pike in Milford and little Jack Poulin will be there to greet him. Jason and Stacy Poulin say it started about a year ago. “He would run to the window, and he would hear the garbage truck coming a couple houses up and he would beat on the window until the garbage truck came up,” Stacy said. “It brightens my day,” Jason said. “It brightens Jack’s day and it brightens Chris’s day.” Chris is Jack’s superhero on the back of the truck. He see’s the toddler every week and gives a wave and a smile as he empties the Poulin’s trash can. “Every now and then I’d look up and I’d see him,” Chris said. “I started waving and now if I don’t, he bangs on the window to make sure I wave.” A few weeks ago, Chris let little Jack know just how much he appreciates their brief, but impactful Wednesday morning visits. “He emptied the garbage and then he came up and he left a toy and a book for Jack,” Stacy said. “And he actually left it in a plastic bag, so just in case we were already gone, it wouldn’t get wet. And he made sure to leave it on the walkway so we could actually find it.” “If they take the time to come out and watch me every week, I’ll take the time to make him smile,” Chris said. Garbage men don’t always get a lot of thank you’s for what they do. Stacy says with guys out there like Chris, maybe they should. “There’s not that many kind people left in the world. So for him to do this with whatever he may have and just go out of his way, to be so thoughtful for a little kid he’s never met, it’s wonderful for us,” Stacy said. “It just means the world that he would do that for our child.”

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