Locally owned and operated since 1985, Zanker Recycling

Locally owned and operated since 1985, Zanker Recycling and our sister company, Greenwaste Recovery, have continually pushed the boundaries of traditional recycling technology to redefine our communities’ expectations of us as collectors and processors. By treating the “waste” we manage as a commodity, we continually strive to increase the recycling rates in our processing facilities by recovering as much material as possible.

As we make every effort to safely and courteously service our communities and maximize our diversion from landfills, we also focus on minimizing our carbon footprint and teaching future generations the value of our planet’s limited resources. As we accomplish these goals, we believe we are continuing the legacy of sustainability that has defined our companies since our inception.

We are confident our 2012 Sustainability Report is a testament to this vision and will guide us to actualize our corporate mantras of being “a brighter shade of green” as we “rethink, reinvent, renew.”

In this report, we chronicle our past and current successes while clearly laying out our companies’ future goals. We pledge to learn from our accomplishments as we help our communities endeavor to reach “zero waste” and continue to push our companies to be leaders of the industry.  A revised sustainability report will be published at the end of 2015.

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Zanker Recycling is a full service, resource management, composting/recycling facility and landfill for residents and commercial businesses.