The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Invites the Community to Recognize our own Solid Waste Program team for keeping you and the environment safe.

Love Your Garbage Man!


By Les Benedict, Assistant Director, Environment Division
Love Your Garbage Man!
Waste and Recycling Workers Week
In celebration of Waste and Recycling Workers Week
2014 on Ohiarí:ha/June 17, the Saint Regis
Mohawk Tribe invites the community to recognize
our own Solid Waste Program team for keeping you
and the environment safe. National Garbage Man
Day was started by John Arwood, Arwood Waste Inc.,
Jacksonville, Fl, to highlight the importance of waste
management professionals and offer recognition for
these hard working men and women.
These two pages are dedicated to the Tribe’s solid
waste staff who, on a daily basis, do more than just move
trash. They are pioneers in advancing technologies
like recycling, renewable and sustainable energy, and
reduction of dependence on fossil fuels. They make a
positive impact on our community every day making it
clean and healthy. They deserve more than our garbage
every week. They deserve a big Niáwen/Thank you! If
you see any of our workers or any solid waste worker let
them know how much you appreciate what they do for
you. You could pin a card or note this month on your
trash can, stop by and say hello or thanks! Keep your
eyes and ears out all month for special promotions that
help us celebrate our own.
Without the work of all these individuals our
communities would not only be more dangerous…but
much stinkier!


Ricardo Najar, Refuse Route Driver
Years with Program: 5 years plus seasonal work as a laborer for spring clean up.
Basics: Responsible for operating collection vehicles and collecting materials for
disposal from businesses, Tribal facilities and homes.
Likes: When I look down the road and see a line of yellow garbage bags

Larry Thompson, Recycle Coordinator
Years with Program: 10 years and it seems like I just started yesterday.
Basics: I am responsible for moving the community toward higher recycling rates,
promoting recycling within the Tribal organization and assisting with finding new
markets for recycled materials. My goal for the community is zero waste.
Likes: A full recycling bin.
Dislikes: When I see something in the garbage that could have been recycled.


Russell Phillips, Operation Supervisor
Years with Program: 11.94 years, but who’s counting?
Basics: Responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of materials to and from the
Transfer Station by scheduling resources and staff.
Likes: Working with the community and helping others.
Dislikes: Garbage on sides of road.


Teres Seymour, Solid Waste Billing Clerk
Years with Program: Since the Transfer Station opened – FOREVER! 18 years.
Basics: I prepare monthly billing statements for tribal programs, import daily
tickets from the Transfer Station, answer any questions from community
members and distribute PAYT bags to the distributors.
Likes: When I’m able to convince someone of the benefits of the PAYT program
and recycling.
Dislikes: People disrespecting Mother Earth by throwing trash in the ditches.

Thank You for Supporting Waste & Recycling Workers Week

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