Margie is a three year old who has become best friends with the crew at Coastal Environmental Services!


Margie has waited, as patiently as a three year old can, every Wednesday, so she can see and wave to her friends at Coastal Environmental Services. Up until two years ago, she only knew them as the “garbage man” and would wave to them from the front yard of her home.

In June her mother messaged the company to tell them what a wonderful job their drivers and helpers were doing. Margie had been sick, and extremely upset until she saw her friends coming down the street. They had waved to her, and that one action completely turned her mood around. After messaging the company, they invited her and her family in for a tour of the facility. Margie was able to see all the trucks, meet all the employees, and see the day-to-day operations of CES. At the end of the tour, she was surprised by a visit from her favorite driver, “Mr. Bird”. Mr. Bird has been our regular driver, and the one who lifted her spirits the day she was sick. Mr. Bird gave Margie several CES goodies, but her favorite item was her own personalized Coastal Environmental Services shirt that she wears every Wednesday while she waits for them to come down the street. The company fell in love with her, and now calls her their “Assistant CEO”.

After that tour, and meeting her favorite driver and other employees at the company, she has looked forward to Wednesdays more than ever. She counts down the days, and tells everyone Mr. Bird is coming to see her Wednesday. Margie genuinely loves all the employees of CES, and now asks for them by name. She has never missed a Wednesday during the summer, and always makes sure that her friends have a snack and a cold water to help them get through their day. The drivers, helpers, and employees all know her and her sister by name, and all smile when they see her waiting for them.


Margie has also become friends with the company who cleans our bins, APEX Bin Cleaning, Once a month she waits for Katelynn to come so she can help clean our bins, and give her a cold water and a snack when they are done.

The last two years Margie has made this her weekly activity, but this summer it has turned into lifelong friendships, memories and valuable lessons. Sometimes in life the people we sometimes forget about, are the most needed. These workers, and these companies, have shown the girls that all friendships are important, even if you can only see them briefly once a week. Whenever you see your friends, you should show them that they are loved and appreciated. Wednesdays used to be Margie’s day to look forward to, but it has now become a day that many look forward to!


Coastal Environmental Services

CES is a locally owned and operated waste management company based out of Pearl River, Louisiana. CES is proud to service the entire Northshore area.