Mascot – American Waste Control



As a company, we had to come to the realization that any integrated model has to connect the dots for people if it’s truly to be effective. That means giving the big picture of our vision and connecting with families to make recycling a way of life.

That’s how we came up with our idea of a mascot we called Mr. Murph. On paper, Mr. Murph is a loveable looking character, smiling from ear to ear with arms and legs and a conveyor belt on his back full of recyclables. But to us, he means something a lot more tangible—he is the link we use to reach out to the community.

Over the years, he’s helped us implement a multitude of community-focused programs that have educated the public about recycling and the need to reuse.

People recognize our billboards with Mr. Murph’s loveable face and grin all over town. Kids and families feel a connection with him. He appears in costume at all our tradeshows and guest appearances. He’s helped us conduct tours of our facility and welcomed crowds of

Submitted By: American Waste Control

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