Matrec of Quebec, taking care of collection and disposal as well as waste recovery and recycling.



Becoming a leader of Waste material management industry in Quebec through building solid relationships with our customers in the municipalities and the ICI sector.

Matrec operates in every Quebec area, providing a comprehensive management of residual materials – taking care of collection and disposal as well as waste recovery and recycling.

At Services Matrec, we offer a wide range of services in a safe working environment that is respectful of our employees. Our commitment to health and safety at work aims to protect our customers and our employees. To do this, Matrec is committed to training and informing its employees, to providing them with personal protective equipment and the necessary tools to do their jobs, and to supporting and assisting them in the performance of their daily duties.

At Matrec, we are doing integrated residual materials management for a long time!  All our services (sorting centres, engineered landfill sites, eco-centres, collection of different recyclable materials, collection of organics, collection and sorting of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) materials, LEED projects, collection of ultimate waste) have one common goal : giving you all the means possible for you to reach, and go beyond, your environmental protection objectives.

Front loading containers : Containers to your specifications!
Designed specifically for small quantities and limited spaces, this type of container perfectly meets the needs of institutions, businesses and office buildings requiring regular collections in the medium and long term. Front loading containers are used to group the garbage bags of a building’s residence in a specific location protected from wind and rodents, thus ensuring the cleanliness and safety of premises. These containers can be leased or purchased, and our consultants can advise you on the frequency that suits your needs the best.

An environmental solution to the most basic of needs!

It is important to offer, in all places, an environmental solution to the most basic of needs.

Our portable toilets are installed in a predetermined area where they are accessible and they can be used immediately after their delivery. The cleanup and drainage of these mobile units are done by our reliable and discreet team so these units can be asset to your event, construction site, or sports or recreational facility.

Our consultants will recommend the model best suited for your project, whether it is a construction site, an outdoor event or a water main break site… no matter the season.

Services Matrec works with many partners.

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matrec-partenaires-sovima    matrec-partenaires-via-rail-canada    matrec-partenaires-via-rail-canada

matrec-partenaires-sovima    matrec-partenaires-sovima    matrec-partenaires-via-rail-canada

matrec-partenaires-via-rail-canada    matrec-partenaires-sovima    matrec-partenaires-via-rail-canada