Mechanics are Saniataion Workers Too.

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It starts with a flat tire, or the check engine light flashing on your dashboard; you take your car to the shop not knowing exactly what you need. The Technician comes out and says that you blew a tire because your brakes were worn down to the core. Automotive Technicians know their way around a car both inside and out, but did you know they also know their way around also being a garbage man too? Most shops pride themselves on the ability to use or reuse whatever products they have available in their shops. From small mom and pop repair shops to the automobile dealerships; these patrons of parts recyclers help keep unnecessary parts from ending up in a compactor, taking up more space in a landfill.

That tire that now has to be replaced; your technician ensures that it makes its way to be properly recycled. That tire can become anything from a tire swing at a local park to being ground up to produce synthetic turf and roadways, or even be broken down and potential become a key component in certain biofuels. Aside from tires, automotive technicians are able to see what parts of your vehicle are salvageable by only replacing 1 or 2 parts, saving you money and saving the environment from having another alternator trashed. Their job is more involved than simply checking your battery and replacing it; they ensure that each part they replace in your vehicle from fenders to fuses are properly disposed of and recycled if possible. So when your tire goes flat and you take it to the shop know that you and the environment are in good hand, because the technician is not just looking out for your safety but the safety and sustainability of the environment as well.