Meet California Waste Recovery Systems (Cal-Waste)


Known for its exceptional customer service and commitment to improving the environmental and economic health of the communities it serves, California Waste Recovery Systems (Cal-Waste) traces its roots back to the hog ranch days of the Vaccarezza brothers, who founded the company in 1927. For more than eight decades, Cal-Waste has been setting the standard for trash collection service in the San Joaquin, Calaveras, Alpine and Sacramento County areas. The company continues to be on the leading edge of innovations in technology and recycling efforts.

Cal-Waste was the first waste collection service in the region to introduce compaction trucks (which increased their effective capacity six-fold, cutting trips, carbon emissions and required landfill volume). It was also among the first in California to use large-volume debris boxes for industrial waste. In the early days, to demonstrate the professionalism of its workers and the service they provide, Cal-Waste was the first in the area to issue uniforms to workers and paint its service vehicles in a clean, bright white.


In 1978, Dave Vaccarezza took over the business from his father, Rudy. Dave has continued to champion Cal-Waste’s tradition of innovation and passionate commitment to the environment and the communities he serves. He successfully permitted one of the first solid-waste facilities in the state that combined the operations of a transfer station, materials-recovery facility and green waste composting. Cal-Waste has since built three additional recycling facilities. Dave pioneered one of the very first residential automated three-cart (i.e. trash, yard waste and recycling) programs in the entire country–quickly resulting in 60 percent less waste going into local landfills each year.

Continuing its track record of innovation and its commitment to a greener planet, Cal-Waste recently opened an $11 million state-of-the-art High Performance Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at its World Headquarters in the City of Galt. Serving a 50-mile radius, it is capable of processing 150 tons of recyclables per day, totaling more than 54,000 tons per year. The 100,000 square-foot headquarters includes a call center, repair and maintenance facilities, the administrative offices and a MRF with a viewing gallery classroom prized by educators for its ability to teach the power and process of eco-friendly waste collection and recycling.


Cal-Waste is the largest, locally-owned waste collection and material recovery operation in the region, providing residential, commercial and industrial services to areas throughout Sacramento, Calaveras, Alpine and San Joaquin Counties. Its fleet of clean, white trucks services 16,000 customers twice a week, totaling more than 1.6 million visits per year.  Although the company’s ongoing innovations have led to continual growth, Cal-Waste is most proud of its customer-first service, its commitment to reducing landfill usage through recycling innovations and its respect for its seasoned team of employees.

With a rich history of premier service, this family-run business continues to show the highest level of dedication and care to its customers and works to improve the environmental and economic health of the California neighborhoods it serves.  The company maintains an active awareness of public policy and environmental concerns and serves as a leader in its industry.  Dave’s sons, Rudy and Casey, are ready to carry on the Vaccarezza legacy as the fourth generation to join the team.  With degrees in environmental study and public policy, Rudy currently handles logistics, permitting and compliance issues with Cal-Waste.  He recently sited and permitted two recovery and transfer facilities in Calaveras County which serve to reduce emissions, traffic and noise pollution while increasing recycling within the community. Casey, who recently rejoined the team, is looking forward to assisting the family business on its endeavors to help keep our Earth clean and beautiful.

My Promise to You

My name is Dave Vaccarezza, and I’m passionate about providing you with excellent recycling and trash collection service. Since 1927, my family has provided exceptional waste collection and material recovery services at ultra-competitive rates in the Calaveras, Alpine, Sacramento and San Joaquin County areas.