Meet The Gallegos Sanitation Team

Edward Gallegos was born in San Luis, CO in 1925 as a 4th generation descendant of Spanish settlers. At a very young age, he worked side by side with his parents and siblings making adobes, providing them with just enough to survive. This experience taught him that hard work was the only means to succeed for his family. From his service in the Army, to his years working for Larimer County, he continued to push past a 5th grade education and learn whatever he could. It wasn’t long before he could operate almost every piece of heavy equipment available to him.

His desire to improve his position in life and strong work ethic carried him past discrimination and became reflected in the training of his sons. In 1959, together Edward, Art, Jerry, and Rudy began to shape a part-time lawn-mowing and hauling business into the 70-truck fleet of waste and recycling trucks serving Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming in our trash removal business today.


Gerald Gallegos


Fort Collins High School – 1962

“At Gallegos Sanitation we have adopted many ideas from other companies that have helped us in our business practices. We aim to be the best sanitation company in Northern Colorado – I believe we are.”

Jerry is the eldest of the Gallegos brothers and together they have owned and operated GSI for the past 50 years. Jerry hopes to one day write a book to relay some of the many stories about the beginnings of this business. At GSI Jerry has held the position of Route Driver, Welder and Mechanic. Jerry took the office of Company President in 1994, yet despite his duties as President he has continued to keep watch over the truck, paint and container shops.

The values of hard-work, responsibility and excellence in customer service are the product of modeled leadership from the three owners at GSI. Jerry has been instrumental in GSI achieving varied accolade both locally and nationally.

Arthur Gallegos


Colorado State University – 1965
General Studies – 2 years

“Some people say what they want to do, some people make it happen. We’re not in this business for the money … it’s a goal of ours to keep our family working together. Few companies can achieve success generation after generation – we have done that at Gallegos Sanitation.”

Art is the second eldest of the Gallegos brothers. He has possessed an entrepreneurial spirit since his youth when he worked selling newspapers, setting bowling pins, loading pop trucks, and mowing lawns which lead to hauling debris. Art watched his father Edward Gallegos became a part the fabric of the Fort Collins community. Edward provided personalized waste and yard removal service creating an enterprise focused on taking care of the customer and environment. Art took his father’s initiatives and extended these values when he worked with the U.S. Forrest Service. As a tree feller, Art learned more than how to cut trees, he learned invaluable information about environmental preservation. Currently Art deals with all financial aspects of the business for GSI and Wyoming Disposal.

Art is the epitome of a true businessman at GSI. His vision for Gallegos Sanitation is to be at the environmental forefront by expanding its interests in the areas of recycling, composting, fuel technologies and providing a sustainable work environment for his employees. He views the waste industry as more than a means of providing jobs in the community and producing economic growth – he sees it as an opportunity to positively impact the Fort Collins community for generations to come. His vision has GSI broadening its opportunities by using green programs such as: Climate Wise, Be Local, Green Summit, Colorado Association for Recycling and using green energies for the company’s operations, trucks and offices.

Rudolph Gallegos


Fort Collins High School – 1966

“The varied awards we’ve received indicate that we are at the forefront of the waste industry and continue to lead in applying innovative technologies to make Fort Collins a “Green” and clean city.”

Rudy is the youngest brother and owner of Gallegos Sanitation. For the past 40 years Rudy has worked as GSI’s Operations Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager. He also worked at Western Disposal in Boulder, Colorado where he was a Sales Associate. His experience at Western helped him to hone his organizational and sales skills.

Rudy oversees the daily operations in all facets and departments at GSI. He is a leader by example while simultaneously promoting excellence in customer service. Rudy’s expectation of excellence transfers to all employees as he requests genuine professionalism from everyone at GSI. Rudy has emphasized integrity as a feature aspect that has set GSI apart from their competitors.