Meet The Meridian Waste Solutions Team

Commitment to quality starts at the top!  And Meridian Waste Solutions is no exception to the rule.  The company – shaped by 180 strong who proudly give their time and talents to creating clean communities – knows that we must believe in quality work, we must deliver quality results and we must hire, train and foster quality people.

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We are hired to provide a service – a vital, necessary service that greatly impacts a community’s health, welfare and image.  At Meridian Waste Solutions, we are shaped by a strong leadership team who, in turn, hires and develops strong team members at all levels throughout the company.  We believe in providing the necessary tools in order do our jobs safely and efficiently, and we uphold the belief that everyone must hold each other accountable.  This accountability starts with senior management and filters throughout the company to the local level where the day to day decisions are made and executed.

Our senior leadership team is lead by Jeff Cosman – CEO, Wally Hall – COO and Joe D’Arelli – CFO who have over 45 years of combined solid waste industry experience and who made the determination that there needed to be a well-financed, experienced but nimble solid waste company that focused equally on the customers, the employees and the shareholders.  This three-pronged business approach has proven to be the most sound business model for company growth and success.  It is these three determined, experienced and motivating industry leaders who set the standard for quality at Meridian Waste Solutions.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Director, President & Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer & SEC Compliance Director