Meet the Waste Pro Team

The knowledge, experience and commitment of our leaders make Waste Pro one of the fastest growing waste management companies in the United States.

John Jennings
Robert Hyres
ROBERT HYRES Member, Board of Directors
Cort Sabina
CORT SABINA Chief Financial Officer
Ron Pecora
RON PECORAChief Marketing Officer
Tim Herman
TIM HERMAN Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer
Shannon Early
SHANNON EARLYDirector of Human Resources
Tim Dolan
TIM DOLAN Regional Vice President, Central Florida
Keith Banasiak
KEITH BANASIAK Regional Vice President, Southwest Florida
Ralph Mills
RALPH MILLSRegional Vice President, Coastal Region
Bob ten Haaf
BOB TEN HAAFRegional Vice President, Georgia & the Carolinas
Russell Mackie
RUSSELL MACKIERegional Vice President, Southeast Florida
David Schneider
DAVID SCHNEIDERRegional Vice President, North Florida
Roland Joyner
ROLAND JOYNERRegional Vice President, Southern Region
Scott Corley
SCOTT CORLEYDivisional Vice President, Central & Northern Alabama
Rob Grimm
ROB GRIMM Director of Information System

While Waste Pro services the solid waste removal and recycling needs of over two million residential and commercial customers in more than 235 towns and municipalities across the South, we understand the importance of having a local presence. We are proud to work, live and raise families in the areas we serve.  We consider it a privilege to work hand-in-hand with our customers, partners, and employees to create a better, community-first waste and recycling model. Our highly decentralized corporate structure allows us to remain operationally nimble and immediately reactive, which translates to customized programs for each county’s unique needs that promotes the safest, most efficient services while supporting the health and welfare of communities and the environment.


To show our commitment, we regularly give to causes that support our environment, educate citizens and lend a helping hand to the people in our neighborhoods. We donate our time, expertise and resources for community events, responsible recycling and waste management classes, and local organizations that share our same core values. That’s why at Waste Pro we say, “It starts at the curb and continues through the community.” From the end of the driveway to the global environment, no one cares about people and the planet like Waste Pro.