Meridian Waste Participates in Step By Step Learning Center’s Career Day

Meridian Waste, an integrated, non-hazardous solid waste services company, partnered with Step By Step Learning Center in Fernandina Beach today for the schools’ annual Career Day aimed at educating children about multiple career paths and employment opportunities for students when they grow up.  The Company took the opportunity to help instruct the students about proper solid waste and recycling preparation and disposal ensuring that what needs to be thrown outs goes in the garbage and how to properly sort and rinse accepted recyclable materials to help keep the recycling stream clean. The Meridian Waste team is led by Dave Shepler who brought out residential driver Chris Brooks and a garbage truck.

“Teaching kids of any age, from three to 103, to understand the importance of disposing and recycling the waste materials we all generate daily as a society is critical to the preservation of a clean community and the quality of life we enjoy here in Fernandina Beach and throughout Nassau County,” stated Shepler.  “It is so hopeful to see these young students interested in the jobs the environmental services industry can offer from Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drivers, mechanics,  accounting clerks, engineers to company managers, the opportunities truly are great!  However, nothing grabbed their attention better than the rear-loading garbage truck Meridian Waste brought to Career Day that “ate” the garbage and made impressive grinding and growling noises.  Kids just love a really cool truck!”

Young students of Step By Step Learning Center pose for a group photo in front of the “garbage eating” Meridian Waste rear-load collection truck.

About Meridian Waste
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC., Meridian Waste is a company defined by its commitment to servicing its customers, caring for and engaging its employees, and generating financial value for its shareholders while delivering a clean and healthy community. The company’s core waste business is centered on residential, commercial, and industrial non-hazardous waste collection and disposal. Currently, the company operates in., Richmond, Va., Blacksburg, Va., Augusta, Ga., Northeast Florida St. Louis, Mo and Knoxville, Tenn., servicing more than 114,000 residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customers. In addition to a fleet of commercial, residential, and roll-off trucks, the company operates one transfer station, three recycling facilities, three municipal solid waste landfills and two C&D landfills in which 890,676 tons of waste are safely disposed annually.