Merry Christmas from Republic Services

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Republic Industries was created as a waste disposal firm in 1981. H. Wayne Huizenga, became chairman of the board in 1995. At that time Republic Industries began acquiring auto dealerships and car rental agencies. In 1998, Republic Industries spun off Republic Services as an IPO then changed its name to AutoNation.[5]

In June 2008, Republic became the second largest waste management company in the U.S. following the acquisition of its larger competitor, Allied Waste Industries, for $6.1 billion in Republic stock. The merged company retained the Republic Services name.[6]

The Wall Street Journal reported in June 2010 that Republic Services’ $4 billion acquisition of Allied in December 2008 “has been successful from the start”, delivering at the high end of the annual savings projected when they did the deal ($191 million), a 27% increase in share price.[7]

After 12 years as CEO of Republic Services, James O’Connor retired on January 1, 2011. Replacing him was the president and COO of Republic Services, Donald Slager.[8] In May 2019 Jon Vander Ark took over as president of the company.[9]

James P. Snee[10] and Katharine Weymouth[11] were appointed to the Republic Services Board of Directors in 2018, resulting in a total of 12 board members, 11 of them independent.[12]

Based on annual report published in 2018, with a revenue of $10 billion, the firm retained the number two position in the industry.[13]