Waste and Recycling Workers Week Founder John Arwood, challenges Waste Providers to get creative and start dumping buckets of ice water too!

John Arwood with Waste and Recycling Workers Week accepts Ice Bucket Challenge in a BIG way! He challenges waste providers to get creative and start dumping buckets of ice water too!

Garbage Solutions for Today

Fortunately today we don’t have to live in our waste.

Over the years garbage men and women have developed creative ways to solve the problems of waste disposal. One of the hot topics in the industry is that of conserving the environment. It is the systematic practices of garbage collection personnel that allow for successful recycling and conservation efforts. Waste sources are gathered and then sorted by material types (plastic, glass, wood, metal, etc.) and then fed into the recycling system.

Garbage workers continue to think of not just ways to remove our unwanted trash, but also invent ways to reuse what was once thrown away. Arwood Waste focuses their energy on preserving our environment and recycling manufacturing by products. In a nation who consumes 1500 water bottles a second, garbage collection companies are always challenged to find new ways to dispose our trash. We need our garbage men and women more than we know.

On June 17th, bake your friendly neighborhood garbage man some cookies, leave him or her a tip, or go ahead and give your landfill attendant a high five.

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