Neighborhood Safety Tips from NGMD

At NGMD, we’re proud of keeping neighborhoods clean by making sure your waste ends up in the right place. But what about other neighborhood dangers that threaten your family’s health and safety? We’re committed to doing our part, but now it’s your turn. Here are some tips to help you keep your neighborhood a secure, positive place for you and your neighbors!

Raise traffic awareness. If kids play in the streets, it’s important to make sure they’re traffic-savvy – particularly around garbage trucks, recycling trucks, and other service vehicles that may have poor close-range visibility. But what if drivers regularly speed through your neighborhood and endanger kids and pets? Consider notifying local law enforcement if speeding is a recurring problem.

Start a neighborhood watch. When all eyes are open, your neighborhood becomes unwelcoming to burglars and other unsavory characters. Even if you don’t have a formal neighborhood watch group, ask your neighbors to check on your property if you’re out of town. And make sure kids know who they can turn to for help if you’re not around.

Make kids aware of pool dangers. If you or your neighbors have a pool, it’s important to implement and reinforce strict rules. Make sure your pool is enclosed by a fence with a locked gate. Also let local kids and their parents know that unattended swimming is not allowed.

Dispose of unsafe items properly. Kids and pets have been known to get into some surprising things. If you’re disposing of a sharp object or dangerous substance, be sure you are following your local waste disposal company’s rules and recommendations. That keeps both the neighborhood and your trash collector safe!

Be careful with controlled fires. Even a small backyard fire can get out of hand and endanger you and your neighborhood. Keep in mind that leaf burning is against the law in many communities – a waste management and disposal company for leaf pickup and yard waste is the better choice. But if you wish to enjoy a recreational fire, be sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case.
Keeping your neighborhood safe is often a matter of common sense – as long