Order the Best Kid’s Garbage Truck Bed

Order the Best Kid's Garbage Truck Bed - Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Quality Craftsmanship

Each garbage truck bed is carefully designed with its future owner in mind. It starts with a wishlist and evolves into a custom blueprint. Every detail is planned, from rim color and license plates to interactive features. The perfect garbage truck is then brought to life with skillful craftsmanship.

The final product is an expertly crafted, easy to assemble children’s truck bed. Each bed features tool-free assembly. There are no nails, screws or bolts used to assemble the bed panels, making it easy to build, move and reassemble.

Lovingly Designed

When you love your work, it shows. This is especially true with handcrafted furniture. Each custom truck bed is an individualized labor of love.

“While working with parents on the dream bed they want for their child, one of my greatest pleasures is delivering a new bed to a little boy or girl and seeing the excitement and wonder on their faces.

Every piece of wood I cut, every wheel I sand, every light I attach, every time I dip the paint brush in the paint I am looking forward to making a little person’s dream come true.”

Safety and Durability

While thrilling kids with amazing truck beds is the number one goal, safety is always the priority. These custom truck beds are made from the highest quality materials with durability in mind. The truck beds are made from cabinet-grade wood and every truck is painted with low to no VOC paints.

Ordering a Custom Truck Bed!

If you are looking for a garbage truck, race car, recycling truck, dump truck, fire and rescue truck or any other specialized vehicle, you want to work with JDA Company. To get the very best custom children’s bed available, call (877) 751-5919 or email [email protected] to start your order.