Paul F. Hardiman – U.S. EPA District 1 Advisory

Paul F. Hardiman

Paul Hardiman began his career at FleetBoston in the commercial lending, specialized finance area in 1965 and retired in 2002 as a Managing Director. He became quite interested in the potential of the solid waste business in the early to mid-’70s because complying with all the emerging regulations required capital. Mr. Hardiman was the first to start a banking area to finance companies remediating hazardous waste clean-up sites and to fund the many consolidations that took place in the solid waste business. Today, he still serves the industry as an outside director of Waste Industries. Mr. Hardiman helped find funding to consolidate two specialty hospitals in Massachusetts, served on the U.S. EPA District 1 Advisory Board, and worked with the Clinton Administration to discuss how to raise capital for emerging environmental technologies.