Thanking Our Sanitation Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Role of Sanitation Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic | Waste & Recycling Workers Week

It has been a year since our world came to a sudden halt. This time last year no one could have predicted just how long and difficult 2020 would be for us all. Through these difficult and  uncertain times, we have discovered a new-found appreciation for some of the most dedicated workers in our communities. From nurses and teachers to janitors and grocery store cashiers, members of our communities have shown up day in and day out with one simple task in mind: Get the job done.

These individuals have kept our lives from being even more difficult and complicated. Among these everyday heroes are our dedicated sanitation workers. While it may not be the most visible or glamorous work, these important men and women continue to protect our families and communities despite the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic.

Sanitation Workers Protect Us All

Like our first responders, healthcare workers and other local heroes, sanitation workers continue to serve and protect our communities. Despite risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus, waste and recycling workers are showing up to the job every day to keep our streets clean, ensure safe disposal of household and commercial waste and prevent contamination from a host of other viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Sanitation workers are also working hard to clean hospitals, schools, grocery stores and countless other facilities we rely on to keep our communities moving forward. They are disposing of biohazardous waste from COVID-19 testing facilities and keeping vaccination sites clean and as safe as possible for some of the most at-risk members of our communities. For their hard work and dedication despite personal risk, we thank them!

Thank you to all the dedicated sanitation workers who continue to clean and protect our communities through these difficult times.

One of the many ways you can show your support for all waste, recycling and sanitation workers is to bring Waste and Recycling Workers Week to your community this year. The week of June 17 may feel like it is a long way off, but now is the time to write your local and state government to request they issue a proclamation recognizing the week of June 17 as Waste and Recycling Workers Week.

You can also become a Waste & Recycling Workers Week Sponsor. The generous support of our sponsors helps get the word out all year long to thank and support these important workers. Become a Sponsor Today!