Resource Recovery Coalition of California & Marin Sanitary Service, #WRWW

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In honor of Waste & Recycling Workers Week #WRWW we will be featuring workers from our member companies. Meet Roberto V. from Marin Sanitary. Roberto V is a seasoned, seven-year veteran of Marin Sanitary Service who credits the customers’ appreciation as one of the most rewarding and motivating perks of his job. They often thank him for making the planet cleaner and better. As a child, Roberto wanted to become a garbage truck driver when he grew up and now enjoys seeing the wide-eyed children excitedly watch as his commercial split-body rear loader truck picks up their recycling in front of their homes each week. He was attracted to the company as a great family-owned business with good benefits, a good retirement plan and Union membership. When his father and uncle were seeking a change in their careers, he suggested Marin Sanitary and they both now enjoy careers in the maintenance department. In his spare time, Roberto enjoys working out, camping trips with his family and serving God.