Retail Store Workers Are Saniataion Workers Too

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As you walk into a franchised name electronic stores you may not notices the bins by the door. In some retail stores that specialize in electronic devises they also offer proper disposal and recycling of household items that would otherwise be thrown out and end up in landfills. Retail workers are tasked with collecting items that range from ink cartridges to computer and cell phone components. Did you know that the batteries in most electronic devices are extremely corrosive and hazardous to the environment? Those retail workers do and that’s why they are specialists in the recycling world.

Retail stores nationwide are also trying to expand recycling in other ways. Certain places offer customers the choice of having their purchases packaged, or as an alternative and an incentive to shoppers they give a discount to those who bring their own bags, or go without. Retail workers are spreading the importance of recycling and are a key component in keeping hazardous and unnecessary materials out of our landfills and environment.

A good deal of household items that you would have never considered recycling can be put to good use elsewhere. Retail store workers can teach you how to keep the world greener by instructing you on what to bring in and have recycled. Next time you go into a grocery store, consider bringing your own bags, or when you go into a big name electronics store look for their recycling bins, or ask an associate what you can do to help recycle. After all, those workers are excellent recyclers and a great resources to learn from.