Rise of Garbage Man Respect

Since Waste and Recycling Workers Week was first celebrated in 2013, it has steadily gained momentum. Every year, new cities, counties and companies are joining the week long celebration and expressing their gratitude for the hard work performed by the men and women in the sanitation industry. There is no doubt respect for this valuable job and service to our society has risen dramatically in recent years. We see the tide turning and changes are visible all around us.

These days, you can’t visit the toy department of any major retailer without finding toy garbage and recycle trucks. Especially popular with young children, the more lights and sounds these trucks have, the better! Among these same aisles you can even find garbage man costumes for dress up and pretend play. Last October, we featured two of our favorite DIY garbage man costumes for Halloween.


In the past couple years, we’ve seen multiple viral videos about young children and their love and enthusiasm for their local garbage men and women. From shouts of joy to the delivery of sweet treats and cold drinks, these videos all feature truly adorable kids that genuinely appreciate their garbage men and their trucks, of course. Some of their stories have even been featured on major news outlets. And it’s worth mentioning, garbage and recycle trucks are even being requested for appearances at kids birthday parties.


The appreciation, enthusiasm and respect isn’t limited to the youngest generation. Large waste disposal companies have hosted competitions on social media that gained significant participation. You can also find #garbageman and #wastemanagement in thousands of posts on Twitter and Instagram.

In short, the men and women of the sanitation industry work hard, day in and day out, and it doesn’t go unnoticed, at least not anymore. Keep the momentum going. Thank your neighborhood garbage man in person or leave a letter of gratitude. Show off your appreciation by wearing your Waste & Recycling Workers Week t-shirt around town. Contact your Mayor, City Council or Governor and ask them to honor the garbage men in your community by joining the Waste and Recycling Workers Week celebration this year. Whatever you do, be sure to go out there and show your gratitude and respect for the wonderful men and women who keep our communities clean and safe.