Roofing Installers are Sanitation Workers Too

Imagine a torrential downpour, rain coming in from every side and a river starting to form in your backyard. Then all of a sudden, your roof caves in. After the storm has cleared, and the sun shines on the whole in your home, the one person you would want on the spot is a roofing installation worker. These shingle sticking heroes do more than just repair the hole in your roof; they also ensure that the old asphalt shingles get properly recycled versus taking up space in the landfills.

Shingle recycling starts with these installers tearing off and collecting the old materials. These materials get send to separate facilities where they are processed, ground up and turned into something you use every day and may not even know it. When a roofing installation person separates the materials, they are ultimately making the key ingredient for…pavements. That’s right the person on your roof putting up new product not only keeps you dry during the storm but they also help to make the roads that we drive on every day. Without them as garbage men, the landfills would pile up with this material when it could be put to a better use. Recycling shingles also allows homeowners to make a positive environmental contribution, and without the installation men, there would be far less roads to take us wherever we wanted to go.

So the next time you’re driving, just think, the person that repairs the roof over your head also provides the key component in making the road beneath your feet, even the driveway that leads to your home.  Roofing Installation experts are experts in more than just shingles, but recycling as well.